Mutalith Vortex Beast – Chaos Space Marines

There are not a huge number of units in the Thousand Sons codex but this has got to be one of the most unique models in the range. I am a big fan of the deamon beast aesthetic, so I absolutely had to get one.

Building and Painting

The Finished Product

Paints Used

Vallejo Surface Primer Black
Zenith Highlight Vallejo Surface Primer Gray
Layer Model Color Dark Prussian Blue
Screamer Pink
Dry Brush Mephiston Red
Techlis Blue
Hoeth Blue
Blue Horror
Edge Highlight White

Ironbreaker Air
Techlis Blue
Hoeth Blue
Blue Horror

Base Coat Naggaroth Night
Layer from top Model Color Blue Violet
Layer from top 50:50 mix white Blue Violet
Screamer Pink
Highlight Pink Horror
Highlight Emperors Children
Vallejo Gloss Varnish for wet look

Model Color Desert Sand
Screaming Skull
Agrax Earthshade

Vallejo Earth Texture
Black Primer
Dry Brush Eshin Gray
Dry Brush Administratum Gray


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