Nightvault Glowing Terrain – Warhammer Underworlds

These Nightvault models are some of the best models I’ve ever found over on thingiverse. I’m going to show you how to make them glow like magic!

Download models and donate a dollar

Download here!
Oimonline did everyone a favor when they created and uploaded these to thingiverse. Go download a copy for yourself and get printing. They don’t currently have a donate link active but we encourage you to give a dollar to anyone who’s 3d files save your time. It would take me several days to make a 3d model like this so definitely worth a few bucks.

Oimonline’s finished models

Print and Primer

I love the paint scheme that Oimonline gave the stones. So I’ve set out to duplicate the glow myself. First thing you want to to is get them base coated with a black primer and then spray white primer from the top down on them to get a fade from white to black.

Normally I wouldn’t go with games workshop expensive paint on terrain. Usually I’m perfectly happy to use craft paint, but I like these models enough to break out the big guns to make these perfect.

Lay in the stone color first so that you can cover over any mess with the next layer. This applies to both paint brushes or airbrushes.
You can also see that in the step above I went ahead and laid down some Astrogranite on the base from the GW line of technicals. This gives the prints a lot more texture to break them up so that they don’t look 100% printed. Usually I use this for miniature bases when I don’t want to put a bunch of time into the base but it felt right here.

Now we break out the craft paint.

This is a generic tan paint that I use for lots of different stone stuff I’ve done recently. The color isn’t super critical because we’re going over it after this with a few more steps. I made a homemade wash of dark brown paint and water with some black paint thrown in. Consider it a home made Agrax Earthshade to go over the stone color and break it up some. Check it out below. You can see the wash I used in the top right tupperware container.

Next up is the metallic which again I used a cheap craft paint with great results. I focused on the chains and banding around the crystals.

I drybrushed a light coat of suede here over all the stone surfaces after they dried to get their final highlight before doing the glow effects.
Oh and I missed the picture but I also drybrushed some mythril silver onto the metallic parts so that they would really pop as metallic.

The Glow Begins

Glow color one! Using my airbrush and some thinner I allowed the over spray to move as it wanted. You can see it clearly on the rock in the foreground.
If you don’t have an airbrush, that isn’t a problem. You’ll want a makeup brush with some big soft bristles.

Something like this. Add paint to the bristles then wipe off most of the paint before stippling the remaining paint onto the model. It’s best to test how much paint you’re going to leave on the model by dabbing it onto a piece of paper or your thumbnail to make sure you’re leaving just enough to make it look like a bunch of little dots. Then dab the paint onto the model slowly building it up as if you were using a spray. Remember to apply some around the glowing stone to look like the glow is reaching out like the over spray from an airbrush would.

Super Glow. To step up the glow effect just a little bit more I mixed ~50:50 Skull White with the Sybarite Green to get the deepest part of the glowing center of the crystals. This doesn’t really get much overspray around the rest of the model but some incidental overspray is fine. If you’re using a makeup brush try to keep the color to the middle of the stones.

Finished Product

Paints Used

Base texture – Astrogranite, Drybrush Swade
Stone – Base coat Light Brown Craft Paint, Brown Wash (Agrax Earthshade), Drybrush Swade
Metallics – Metallic Craft Paint, edge highlight Mythril Silver
Glow Effect – Base Calibran Green, Layer Sybarite Green, Final Glow 50-50 mix Sybarite Green and Skull White


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