Thousand Sons Spell Tokens – What you need to make your own game tokens

The thousand sons have a lot to keep up with in their latest codex. However, I still need to know who knows what spells so that I make sure I’m getting all my buffs and damage out in the psychic phase. So I’m going to remake my spell tokens from 8th with the new 9th edition spells.

Supplies needed

You’ll definitely want to thank Permutation_Servitor who put these tokens together originally for 8th edition. I messaged them to see if they could send me the file so I could update it for 9th edition and they went above and beyond to update the tokens themselves. Big Thanks!

Bottle Caps – Use these as the base for the gaming tokens
1″ Hole Punch – This is for punching out the markers
Resin – I used this resin but it was a little thicker than I’d have liked so it has to be teased into the edges with a toothpick.
Gloves and some tiny disposable cups for mixing the resin.
Cardboard box – to cover over the tokens while they are drying to make sure that no dust gets into the resin.

Print the Markers

Head to the print store and get a nice high quality print of the token sheet. In order to avoid the problems that I run into later make sure that you have it printed on a higher quality paper than standard printer paper.

Stick your circles down with a gluestick to keep them from floating when the resin is poured into the bottle cap. Wait at least 15 minutes in order to make sure that the glue has a chance to dry before moving to the next step.

Lessons learned

Don’t use the standard printer paper that they have at the print shop! This includes standard copy paper you probably have at the house if you’ve got a color printer.
If I had it to do over again I’d have spent the extra couple dollars for heavier weight paper. I was hoping that the thinner paper would fully wet with the resin, but it didn’t. Eventually I’ll remake the set but for now they work.

You can see how bright the first set I made (blue middle row) is vs the ones I did with thinner paper. Very frustrating.

Finished Tokens

The full array of new spell tokens for my Thousand Sons. Most of these are going to be used to mark who has what spells, while others will be used to mark status effects that are applied to the enemies of Ahriman.

Have fun making your own faction tokens!


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