Vashtorr the Arkifane, Ruler of the Soul Forges

Deamon of the Dark Mechanicum

There is a power within the Warp that we know almost nothing about. It is the power which is responsible for the creation of the deamon engines which plague the imperium of man and any xenos unlucky enough to be in the way. If we’re honest they plague the rival forces of chaos just as much, but in that rivalry there is power to be had. That rivalry is exactly what Vashtorr the Arkifane used to grow to prominence in the deepest corners of the immaterium. Wes already covered some of what we know about him in this video.

Vashtorr is nearly on a god in his own right, not quite, but he’s recently taken step to correct this. Vashtorr commands The cult of the Arkifane and stands as ruler of the Soul Forge, birthplace of deamon engines. This isn’t enough. Vashtorr wishes not only to benefit from the squabbling of the powers of the chaos pantheon, but he will also unseat them and take his place as a chaos god of the machine.

Vashtorr is empowered by acts of curiosity and innovation, shorn of morality and driven to its darkest extremes. He has only manifested a handful of times in galactic history, and some crypto-scholars maintain he was created amidst the reckless arms race of some ancient galaxy-spanning war. Although his origin is hazy and lost within the vast sands of time, his current gambit is definitely shaking up the galaxy of warhammer 40,000. The aspirational deamon has shown his hand and struck a deal with another power hungry and determined individual who doesn’t entreat with deamons, Ezekyle Abaddon the Despoiler of Worlds and Warmaster of the Imperium Nihilus.

Abaddon and Vashtorr have agreed to work together on a mutually beneficial project. Vashtorr pulled several Space Hulks into real space within the Imperium Nihilus and Abaddon pulled together chaos warbands to clear whatever infestation was aboard the ships. Next Vashtorr used his gifts of the machine to build a colossal ship bridge to tie together the disparate ships systems within the hulks. Giving each hulk the ability to navigate into imperial space. The first Ark of Omen, but why stop at only one. Between the pair a fleet of Arks of Omen have been created to launch a crusade against the beleaguered Imperium.

What did Abaddon require of the chaos warbands in exchange for a mobile battle fortress capable of sundering entire enemy fleets? Only that they should first seek out a relic which Vashtorr requires to reveal a deep rooted treachery within the imperium. Will the Warmaster and his new Deamon ally be able to bring together the relics that they need to up end the remaining of the Imperium of Man? Only time will tell and with each new campaign book in the Arks of Omen series we get closer to the answer.

What do y’all think. Is Vashtorr speculation something we should work on for our upcoming public podcast.

Painted Vashtorr the Arkifane

Painter Credit

I cannot claim credit for having done this mechanical deamon the fantastic justice which is upon display before you. I have been quite overwhelmed trying to get my boarding action teams ready to face off on the Arks of Omen which have invaded our local game store every Thursday evening since launch.

For this great work I turned to William (mountainfulltone), one of the local game store painters. He’s normally a gray knights player so he already had the experience with metallics to make a deamon engine god pop. William put brush to model in order to bring Vashtorr to life, and I’m very happy with the result. Keep an eye here and I’ll see if he’s willing to accept inquiry for his services, in case any of you are interested.

Edit: William got back to me and said y’all can check out his Instagram.


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