Lion El’Jonson; The Lion Awakens

The Young Lion

Lion El’Jonson is perhaps best known as The Lion of Caliban. In his youth he lived alone on the jungle death world of Caliban, a feat which no normal man could survive. Legends say the young Jonson spent nearly his first decade without encountering humans while fending off the man eating beasts of the forest. When finally discovered he was taken in by a group of warrior knights lead by a man named Luther.

Luther named the young primarch Lion El’Jonson and raised him as a son. Caliban was a dangerous world full of great beasts capable of wild destruction. The Knights of Caliban would under Jonson’s and Luthers influence undertake a great crusade to purge Caliban of the beasts. It took a full 10 years, but the crusade was successful, and Jonson was named Supreme Grand Master for his leadership and courage. After the crusade to purge the great beasts Jonson commanded the fealty of all of Caliban.

When Caliban was discovered by the Imperium, Jonson acknowledged the Emperor of Mankind as his father and united with the first space marine legion. He named them the Dark Angels after a Caliban myth. At the head of this galaxy spanning Great Crusade Jonson would acquire more accolades than any other primarch except perhaps for Horus and his Lunar Wolves. None could doubt his leadership and combat capability.

During the Horus Heresy he would capture renegade primarch Konrad Curse, and reek vicious damage on the home worlds of the traitor primarchs. However, the Dark Angels would not reach Terra in time to prevent the emperor being mortally wounded.

Return to Caliban

Caliban M31

After the Emperor was interred on the Golden Throne Jonson returned to Caliban to reinforce his legion and recover from the fighting. When his ships arrived in orbit, they were hit by a brutal onslaught of anti-ship fire from the surface of Caliban.

Luther, once his closes friend, had poisoned the minds of the Space Marine recruits and fallen to the worship of chaos. The overburdened primarch was pushed too far and his fury was let loose upon the planet that was his home world.

Jonson led his forces personally in the assault on the Fortress Monastery where Luther had taken refuge. The Lion found Luther had been elevated to a strength equal to Jonson by the Chaos Gods. The two met in a furious combat which leveled much of the fortress around them, while the planet below them was beginning to break apart due to the unrelenting orbital strikes.

The battle between Luther and Jonson finally ended when Luther let loose a psychic attack going after Jonson’s mind. Jonson fell and did not get up. As if a veil had been lifted from in front of his eyes, Luther saw what he had done and falling to his knees refused to fight anymore.

The gods of Chaos, realizing they had lost control of their puppet, sent a massive warp storm to wrack the surface of the planet. Caliban couldn’t withstand the strain and was all but destroyed save for the fortress monastery of the Order which had been protected by its powerful void fields. When the Dark Angels descended to the ruins of their home, they searched for their primarch and found only Luther mumbling that Jonson had been taken by the Watchers in the Dark and would return one day to forgive him for his sins.

It is known only to a very select few is that, buried even deeper within The Rock, Jonson lies sleeping, attended by the Watchers in the Dark waiting for the time when he will be needed again.

The Lion’s Return

I for one am itching to get my hands on the final Arcs of Omen book to find out what happens to bring about the return of the next loyal son of the Emperor to Warhammer 40000.

You can see the crazy datasheet for him here

What do we know?

Vashtorr the Arkifane seeks to collect pieces of the Key, a mysterious relic from ages past. He and Abaddon Warmaster of the Imperium Nihilus will use this artifact to overthrow the Emperor of Mankind.

The Fortress Monastery of the Dark Angels, all that remains of their home planet, contains a piece of the Key. Vashtorr has brought war upon the rock the likes of which hasn’t been seen since the time of the Horus Heresy. Countless deamons prowl the halls and while the Dark Angels mount a valiant defense, Azrael is still wounded from crossing the Rubicon Primaris.

Azrael bars the door to one of the deepest chambers within the ancient fortress. He leads his men despite the great toll it will take on his body, knowing his presence may be the difference between victory or defeat. But Vashtorr is full of vigor and asserts that he will not be denied.


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