Warhammer 10th Edition – Universal Special Rules, So Far

Weapon Keywords

Everyone who’s into Warhammer 40,000 has probably been watching as the Warhammer community page keeps uploading faction focus articles. But if you’re anything like me, that is not Weshammer and just a humble mortal, it might be getting a little tricky trying to keep up with the new keywords and Universal Special Rules. They have already expressly told us some of them and others they have only teased at.

I’m going to do my best to update this page as new things come out so that it’s easy to know what these new rules all do without having to search for a reminder each time a new faction we like gets revealed.

Known Knowns

KnownEffectSource Link
CriticalRoll of a 6, this can also be triggered by an ability that makes something count as critical (counts as a 6)
Anti-Keyword XIf target unit has keyword an unmodified wound roll of X+ counts as a 6.Source
Assaultadvance and shootSource
Conversion12″+ away from target 4+ to hit counts as a 6Source
Devastating woundsA wound roll of 6 converts the damage into mortal wound damageSource
Extra Attacks XMake X additional attacks with this weapon in addition to normal attacksSource
HeavyRemaining stationary with a heavy weapon confurs +1 to the hit rollSource
Lethal HitsHit roll of 6 auto woundsSource
Linked FireMeasure line of site and range from any other friendly fire prism modelSource
Melta XWithin half distance add X to the weapon damageSource
Rapid Fire Xwithin half range increase # of shots by XSource
Sustained hits XA hit roll of 6 explodes into 1 plus X more hitsSource
TorrentOld flamer rule, attacks with this weapon automatically hit the targetSource
Twin linkedReroll the wound rollSource

Unknown Knowns

Known EffectSource Link
Blastfor every five models in the target unit, add one to the attack characteristic of the weapon. So a Blast D6 weapon would have D6+2 shots against a unit with ten to fourteen models.Source
HazardousMost likely same as old plasma rule 1’s might cause a mortal wound or remove the model, hopefully unmodified 1’s only
Ignores CoverProbably simply ignores cover
One ShotMost likely weapon only gets to be used once
Pistolweapon type, but will they be able to advance and shoot?
PrecisionAd Mech datasheet has this keyword
Psychicassumed to just be a keyword like pistol

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