ReRolls feel wild in Warhammer 10th Edition

How has the most Re-Rolls in 10th Editon

There was a discussion the other day at the shop about how the mechanic of 10th edition seems to be Reroll everything fishing for 6’s to do mortals or just re roll everything in general to get as many hits and wounds through as possible. Naturally someone had a great idea to do a word search in their index to see just how many times Re-roll comes up. Which gave me an idea!

Each column is color coded for max instances of that column. Min instances fades to white. I also pulled the first Metawatch article for 10th to see what the win rates look like compared to special rules.

I’ve gone ahead and heat mapped the number of instances of the USR’s that I wanted to look into. Space Marines look to have everyone else left behind by a mile on the number of instances, however they definitely have more unit types than everyone else if the size of their index card pack tells us anything.

What does it all mean?

Naturally rules aren’t everything in what factions come out on top. Points play a big role in a unit being good or not, but if you’re looking for those sweet sweet rerolls to turn into mortal wounds it looks like Eldar sure got a great spread of things to pull from. What’s up with Space Marines though? Plenty of everything you’d think would be great to get the most of those mortals exploding hits, Rerolls and Anti to make them easy to convert, but they aren’t managing a positive win rate. New player syndrome?

There is one thing I can see here for sure and I don’t think anyone will dispute me on it. Someone way over valued Lethal Hits. Poor Death Guard.

Also it looks like 2 of the top 5 don’t have a great deal of Rerolls or Devastating Wounds to pull from. Are their units just really strong? Do the couple units they get with access to these rules carry the faction? I know Custodes hit on 2+ so maybe they don’t need re-rolls, but what about GSC do they have a special gimmick that’s really good? Does this disprove that all of 10th is about using rerolls to make 6’s?

Simplified not simple might be true, but at least in our local meta Rerolls still feel like the one trick you need to carry the day.


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