Weshammer is getting a Warlord Titan

What a Weshammer Titan?!

Yes! You heard that right. Everyone else is doing it so why not us. We got a Used Warlord Titian and my partner and I will be working on it off and on until it’s complete. The Patreon will be getting posts first, with some of that content eventually being shared here. If you wanna keep up with the build it’s only a $1 to sign up.

What’s the Plan

Titan Legions have so much more to them than just being God Machines. I started digging into which Titan Legions we could use for our Titan but there are over 100 with already established lore, so instead I think with each update we will feature a Legio with a bit of their backstory until we pick which the one, we’re going to go with. We might also incorporate some 3D printed parts into the titan because some custom armor plates would be awesome, and I think we could fit them on our resin printer.

For now, I’m going to proceed with building the skeleton of the Warlord and we can make decisions about the Legio when we’re a bit closer to painting. After all the Warhound took a month. I’m sure building this will go super smooth and won’t take longer than 6 months.

Keep your eyes out for another update in the next few weeks. In the meantime, do you have a favorite Titan Legion we should read about?



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