Holiday Surprise, Life Size Black Templar Chain Sword

The following was originally posted on Patreon.

I’ve been super busy trying to get the last few videos for the year out, it’s been a lot to try and catch up from having the flu. Don’t recommend it, flu shots are in order from now on.

A couple nights before new years, I thought I was alone in the office when I was startled by a noise at 3 am. My partner was still working on a project that I didnt know about. They’d been texturing a chainsword as a surprise for me. Naturally, first thing I did was go and try to pick it up, since I didn’t know they’d just put the first coat of paint on it. It’s not my fault the thing is so cool basically begs to get picked up. 

Thankfully they took a few pictures of the process. Plus they wanted me to share an update on the 3d printed platform for our necromunda board. The Necromunda board apparently was the inspiration for the method used to texture the chain sword. Stippling mod podge over the 3d printed bits worked out really well, so my partner wanted to give it a try on a bigger scale. Apparently, it worked so well that all of our filament prints are going to get a mod podge treatment from now on.   

The plan is to paint chainsword with a Black Templar themed in homage to the Black Templar army from last year. I am definitely going to be adding some purity seals and holy scripture to it before it’s done.  I’m one step closer to having my own Space Marine power armor. Does anyone know a good place to buy the models for a templar helmet? 

Custom designed platform for our “scratch built” Necromunda board.

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