What up Warhammer Family!

When I first started making Warhammer content I had one simple goal in mind,

make the lore as easy as possible for newcomers and veterans alike!

If you have even a passing interest in Warhammer, you know that it is incredibly daunting to get into. Over 600 novels, dozens of video games, and a tabletop game that has decades of rule books, supplements and (if were talking subfactions) hundreds of different armies!

I never in my wildest dreams thought this would be something I could end up doing full time! Now I am ready to dedicate every day to creating as much content as possible! I absolutely love what I do, but the reality is, it’s a massive time sink and I need your help to make this all possible!

And hey, if you are here right now than that means your one step closer to being part of my inner circle! Lets make some awesome content together my friend!

If you'd like to support me directly I have a few donation links setup

Again, thanks for all your support. I really couldn't do it with out you!